Fishing Cactus is a Belgian video game development studio founded in 2008 by four experienced AAA talents, from the ashes of 10Tacle (Totems, Urban Race).


A very prolific team, Fishing Cactus has already worked on over 50 different titles for a wide variety of digital and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox Live, PSN, Kinect et 3DS).


The gang has performed work-for-hire for several top-tier publishers such as Ubisoft, SEGA, Scientific Games, Disney.

Their track record includes the critically acclaimed Shift (iPhone, iPad, Nintendo 3DS), which has already been played by over 16 million people worldwide, Paf Le Chien (best-selling iOS free app of 2011 in France), Trenches Generals and Shaun White.

Its current flagship tilte in development is Epistory, a 3D typing adventure game for PC and desktop platforms featuring a beautiful origami art style.


Fishing Cactus currently employs 30 talents in Mons, Belgium.


Fishing Cactus character