Fishing Cactus is a privately held company of 30 game developers located in Mons, Belgium that was established by four industry veterans in 2008.

With a core team which combines 30 years experience and 35 released titles, Fishing Cactus creates compelling and high quality games tailored towards digital distribution platforms such as iPhone, Android, XBLA, PSN, 3DS but also Kinect technologies. We create games from both original ideas as well as from existing game designs or licenses. We develop our own IPs but are also providing work for hire and specific services.

A detailed presentation of our company, technology and production methodologies are available upon request.

Fishing Cactus character


Cost Control Policy

Fishing Cactus applies an efficient and strict cost control policy. Offices, travels, tools, etc. we try to keep our fixed costs as low as possible to stay competitive on a worldwide scale.

Combining a small but very strong core team and several partnerships with a pool of flexible and talented freelancers we achieve a high level of effectiveness to answer our clients' and partners' requests. No luxury cars here, sorry...

Agile Management

Scrum and its successive iterations based methodology has been a proven working pipeline for Fishing Cactus as it blends really nicely with our playtests facilities. Using Scrum, we are able to provide our clients and partners with regular builds, detailed reports and clear project status overviews.

Our teams have scheduled short daily meetings and weekly review meetings to ensure everyone shares the project’s vision.

Quality, quality, quality!

Quality is a key factor in this industry. To deliver gameplay, visuals and ergonomics of higher quality, we rely on our playtests facilities at all key stages of production. Our industry experience has proven that playtests and focus testing are successful techniques to create better games.

Autonomous teams

We trust our teams; we make them responsible and committed to do their best for the project they are working on. A well managed, committed, responsible and autonomous team always delivers projects of higher quality.


Focused creativity, controlled innovations

We grow slowly and build upon previous successes to fund riskier projects. By doing this we might not sound like the most ambitious game developers in the world, but we have enough experience in this industry to know that being overambitious in the choice of projects will almost always lead to going over budget and overtime. Unfortunately we like to deliver on time.

Games like no others

In most game development companies there is one artistic director who determines the look of all the games. We take this one step further. Each title has its own artistic director, someone who will bring his own look to the game. This is important in order to have a bigger global appeal for all our titles being produced.


Bruno Urbain



Bruno oversees the business aspects and growth strategies of Fishing Cactus. He brings to the table his project management skills, and creativity to design and create the next hits of the company.

Bruno has worked in the game industry for almost 6 years as senior and lead game designer in several studios. He has also an extra and significant 10 years experience developing mods and indie games at various lead and management positions.

On top of his lead designer position, he was also in charge of creating and managing the usability / playtest structure inside 10tacle.


He got a Master's Degree in game design and project management (SUPINFOGAME), and a degree in Computer Sciences.

Ramses Ladlani



Ramses is responsible for defining the long-term technology roadmap for handheld consoles. He discusses most technical challenges with Julien to get the most effective and uniform technology on all platforms supported by Mojito (internal engine).

When he's not working on our next mobile hit, Ramses gives a hand developing the graphics engine for other consoles.

Before joining Fishing Cactus forces, he worked as gameplay programmer and as senior graphics engineer at 10tacle Studios.

He got a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering (Université Libre of Bruxelles).

Maxime Rollet



Maxime works mostly on the gameplay and our internal tools for Mojito Engine.


He started his career at Etranges Libellules where he worked during seven years as gameplay programmer and lead gameplay programmer for many released titles on PlayStation, PC, Gamecube, PlayStation 2, XBox 360, Wii, etc. He was also in charge of preparing the masters and of the quality assurance of the games.


Before joining the Fishing Cactus team, he was senior gameplay and tools programmer for 10Tacle Belgium for two years and independant iPhone game programmer during one year.


He got a BTS in Industrial Computing and has been creating games for more than a decade.


Once upon a time

Founded in the ashes of 10tacle Belgium in 2007, Fishing Cactus is a premium independent game development studio dedicated to provide high quality digital games. We aim to create compelling games across different types of handheld consoles and digital distribution platforms featuring both original IPs or existing brands.


Before creating Fishing Cactus, the founders have been working for several years at 10tacle Belgium at key positions on Totems (X360, PC) and Urban Race (X360, PC). We are the same people who created the amazing S.E.S.S (Semantic Environment Sensing System) engine which was running behind Totems.

Gathering a team with nearly 30 years combined experience and more than 15 released titles on a wide range of consoles and genres, Fishing Cactus applies an alternative approach to traditional game development focusing its productions on smaller scale and more human projects. We put a strong emphasis on appealing graphics, innovative gameplay experiences and teams autonomy following agile methodologies principles. On top of this approach, the studio runs worldwide scattered playtests facilities which fuels our games at every step of the production process.

Fishing Cactus acts as a new type of game development studio on the market, releasing its games exclusively on digital distribution platforms. Such platforms include Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade, Sony Playstation Network, Nintendo WiiWare, Apple App Store, Nintendo DSiWare or PC platforms such as Valve’s Steam or Garagames InstantAction. On top of fully fledged game development, we also provide a wide range of targeted services to publishers and other game developers. Since September 2009 we also have a dedicated Natal team which is highly skilled in 3D camera technologies thanks to past experience and projects (applicable to Sony's Wand control as well).


Fishing Cactus is an official Microsoft, Apple and Nintendo developer.

Are you looking for a bunch of talented developers with relevant game industry background and strong development skills for a project which fits our philosophy? You don't have to look elsewhere, you found your team! Please plan a budget for extra root beers to fuel our thirsty team and contact us right now.