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Avenue Guibal et Devillez, 1

Initialis Park

7000 Mons

Hainaut Belgium

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Feel free to call us:

00 32 65 22 58 86

Business inquiry

Do you have a few million dollars in your pocket? Would you like to help us make the next big thing? Please let us know!

Feel free to use this email address also for more down to earth business development inquiries. Fishing Cactus is always on the lookout for new partners to grow intelligently and get great, exciting new projects in the pipe (when emailing remove .SPAM).

Contactez nous pour le busdev!

General inquiry

Yay! We were hoping you would get here. The easiest way to get in touch with us is by sending an email.


Do you have any chicks to present us? Do you have any spare root beers to share? Or maybe you just want to setup an interview with some of the most awesome and sexy game developers in the world? It's the right place (when emailing remove .SPAM)!

Contactez nous pour n'import quoi!

Support inquiry

Although we are perfect, unidentified creatures sometimes engineer mistakes in our games at night. We tried to catch them with traps but they seem to be really clever!


If you find a bug or if you need an helping hand with one of our games, don't hesitate to contact the support center (when emailing remove .SPAM).

Un coup de main?

Job inquiry

You want to work at Fishing Cactus so bad you dream about it?

We are always interested in getting in touch with talented and experienced programmers, artists, animators, designers, and production experts. Even if you're not looking for a new job right now, feel free to send us your resume (when emailing remove .SPAM).

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