Our job openings are now always available and up to date through the AFJV portal. Not looking for your profile? We’re always on the lookout for exceptional new talents. If you’re interested in working at Fishing Cactus please send us an email.


As we are always interested in seeing your portfolio, even if we don't have any positions currently free, please submit your resume. You never know what might happen. It's also worth looking at the ‘Working in Belgium’ and our ‘How to submit your resume sections.

Fishing Cactus character

An artist, a flower

Do you want to join our team as an artist?


The lucky candidate here at Fishing Cactus should understand all areas of art design and production including concept, character and environment creation, FX, UI and animation. We are looking for flexible and multi-faceted artists who can cope with our unique visual style and who will be the driving force behind our games.

· Proficiency in all facets of game art creation (including animation and 2D)

  • · Knowledge of content creation apps (Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc.)
  • · Excellent understanding of color, light, form and function
  • · Experience in processing game assets through an art pipeline into an existing game engine
  • · Excellent verbal and written communication skills and proven ability to prepare high-quality specifications
  • · Multitask skills and ability to work alone (autonomy, responsability of your work) or in a small team
  • · Intelligence, confidence, humility, creativity, discretion, and intellectual curiosity
  • · Enthusiastic game player with a burning desire to bring to life new kinds of visuals!
  • · Game development experience is a plus

A portfolio is mandatory!

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I am a Code Guru

Do you think you are the programmer we need?


Do you want to join our crew of highly skilled programmers? The programmers we are looking for can work on prototypes, tools and gameplay on a wide range of consoles. All programmers at Fishing Cactus assist in the design/strategy/implementation of major gameplay features and systems and work on both the internal engine and third party engines... For you to be considered as a good candidate you should AT LEAST meet the following criterias:


· Strong knowledge of C++ and one scripting programming languages
· Adaptive coding style
· Dedicated to individual and team growth
· Good people skills
· Collaborative attitude
· Good instincts for game design and fun

· Intelligence, confidence, humility, discretion, and intellectual curiosity

· Autonomous and responsible

· Enthusiasm and passion for videogames and their development

· Games development experience (even as amateur) is a strong asset.

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Mom, I want to create games!

So your mom told you you could be a game designer uh?


We only seek highly collaborative, self-motivated candidates to develop concepts and gameplay mechanics. The designer will work closely with the programming and artist teams and must be a good communicator. Here at Fishing Cactus, there's no pure game designer. Instead the designer carries also some project management tasks as well as taking care of the playtesting process of the games he is working on.

· Game development experience and at least one released title is mandatory (mods are accepted)

  • · Basic knowledge of content creation apps (Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc.)
  • · Proficiency in the Office tools (Excel, Word, Visio, Powerpoint)
  • · Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • · Multitask skills and ability to work alone or in a small team
  • · Intelligence, confidence, humility, creativity, discretion, and intellectual curiosity
  • · Autonomous and responsible
  • · Enthusiastic game player with a burning desire to create fun games
  • · Experience with LUA or other scripting languages is a plus
  • · Experience with one or more Game Editing tools is a plus
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Are we late?

Do you want to become a manager for Fishing Cactus?


This is a challenging and crucial role within a very dynamic company, and it requires assuming overall day-to-day project responsibilities. Managers at Fishing Cactus must be flexible, dynamic people with a burning passion for games.


  • · Strong verbal and written communication skills in English·
  • · Ability to work, thrive, and interact at all levels
  • · Ability to initiate and manage changes
  • · Commitment to quality in all things
  • · Strong organizational, analytical, problem solving and presentation skills
  • · Ability to manage multiple complex projects simultaneously and to meet deadlines
  • · Ability to work efficiently in a team environment
  • · Ability to promote teamwork at all levels
  • · Intelligence, confidence, humility, discretion, and intellectual curiosity
  • · Autonomous and responsible
    · Scrum project management experience
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Fishing Cactus is located in Belgium, a country where life quality rate is one of the highest in the world.


A 2002 report from the United Nations ranks Belgium at the 4th position on the “Human Development Index”, a composite index measuring achievement in three basic dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, knowledge, and a decent standard of living. For more details on this United Nations Report, click on this link.


Our offices are located in the beautiful and medieval town of Mons.

Additionally, our offices are located :

· 50 minutes by car or train from Brussels, the capital of Europe.

· 35 km from an international airport (Brussels South) which has direct & low-cost flight connections with major European cities.

· 20 minutes walk from the train station. Mons is connected to Brussels and Paris on a daily basis with Thalys train.



· Expatica Belgium
· Ville de Mons (French)
· Ryanair


Next to monthly events such as parties, BBQs, paintball games and a retro arcade cabinet with tons of games, Julien, our technical director, prepares one of the best margaritta you'll ever drink in your life! Don't forget that Belgium is also the country with the best beer breweries in the world! If you want to know more about the events we are organizing, check our blog.

Mons by Night!


At Fishing Cactus we don't often hire staff but when we do we try to find the best candidate for the job: someone who matches the company philosophy but who also has the necessary skills, experience and creativity required.


Every good application needs a cover letter and resume. An up-to-date portfolio in addition to your resume and cover letter is definitely a plus.


A cover letter explains why you want this particular job at this particular company. It gives the employer better insight on your expectations, writing skills, and personality. A good cover letter should be one page, with three full paragraphs describing why you are exceptionally qualified for the position you are applying for.


A resume is an organized list of your skills and experience, nothing else. Several pages of fluff can be frustrating for someone who is trying to find key information. Make sure your resume is honest, correct, and up-to-date.


Programmers are expected to have a good resume and cover letter, but a sample of their code is a definite plus. Make sure your code sample is written in the code language specific to the position you are applying for. A remote programming test will be required.

Artists are REQUIRED to send a portfolio to be considered. Make sure you include your best and latest work at the beginning. A remote art test will be required.

How to write a resume


In order to be considered for an internship, candidates MUST be full-time students enrolled at a college, university, or specialized Game school. If you are not a student we cannot provide an internship opportunity.

We usually have room for three to four internships every half year, starting in both Spring and Fall. Highly motivated students are welcome to apply by sending an email including their resumes. Designers and artists are expected to include a link to their online portfolio.


If you don't meet the requirements of the position you applied for, your application will not be considered or accepted.