After Burner Climax


iOS | Android

Game screenshot
  • 20 well-known stunning skyscapes
  • Secret levels to barrel through
  • Customizable planes
  • 3 modes including Arcade, Score Attack and the thrilling Climax mode
  • Compete with others and score to the top

About After Burner Climax

Formats: iPod | iPhone | iPad | Android

The elite aerial dogfight game originally developed by Sega AM2 has barrel-rolled its way from the arcades to the AppStore.

Select your custom plane and fly through the sky armed with guns and missiles launchers. Use the astonishing Climax mode to lock your enemies and take them all down by deploying the power of your arsenal.

Reviews and Awards

  • AppAdvice, Sean Capelle
    "Those looking for the visceral experience of flying a fighter jet will certainly look forward to this title."

  • AppSpy, Andrew Nesvadba
    "Plenty of alternative routes, missions, and even Score Attack to keep fans busy beyond the basic Arcade mode."

  • MacLife, Mikel Reparaz
    "Fantastic sense of speed. Pumping out missiles to blow stuff up as it roars past can be immensely fun. Just enough terrain and mission variety to keep things interesting."