Koh Lanta

Survival F2P game

3DS | Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Game screenshot
  • 4 trials inspired by the reality TV show
  • Create your own adventurer
  • Build and manage your camp
  • Participate in the collective effort and gain reputation
  • Find all the elements of the reality TV show: Council, survival and trials

About Koh-Lanta

Formats: iPod | iPhone | iPad | Android

In a tropical paradise, champions will fight to achieve their dreams; get and keep the supreme title of best adventurer. Immerse yourself in a survival universe inspired by the reality TV show.

For this, players will have to push their limits, tame the nature and deal with life in community.

Unlock immunity and comfort bonuses during the trials and use them at the good moment to overcome your opponents and be the last candidate to stay on the island.

Reviews and Awards

  •, Auntie
    "The graphics are super cute and will set the tone for the whole game on that level. This is also the major force in this game for me. "

  •, Fran
    "A rather original game that, you have to admit, adapts quite well the TV show to the tablet. (...) In short, it is pretty good! "