Game screenshot
  • 60 increasing levels
  • 15 gameplay elements
  • Collect trophies
  • Target time to win medals
  • Share your score on Facebook and Twitter

About RollOut

Formats: iPod | iPhone | iPad

Guide Wabba to the portal and allow him to reach the next level.

Who's Wabba? He's the RollOut cute, black and white creature, waiting for you to roll him out of the level. But Wabba's not really patient and keep rolling continuously from left to right. It's up to you to make him go slower, faster, stop or jump by scrolling the adapted icons to his path.

Furthermore, RollOut is a fantastic challenge that needs you to play quickly and accurately, before the limit of time to win medals and share your score with your friends. In a word, RollOut is a quirky and clever enough puzzle game, to make you play tirelessly for hours.

Reviews and Awards

  • Inside Social Games, Christopher Mack "RollOut's gameplay is a great deal of fun, creating a fine marriage between thoughtful puzzle solving and twitchy platforming reactions."
  • Appspy, Andrew Nesvadba "An unique experience that'll keep you glued to your iPhone."
  • Game-Boyz, Peter Anargirou "The pacing of new elements is great and eliminates the need of tutorial. This was really wonderfully done. The music is soothing and catching, reminding me to stay calm and think about the game. Fishing Cactus, the developer, did everything right with RollOut. Best of all, RollOut is fun!"