Shifting World



Game screenshot
  • Adventure mode with 58 quirky levels
  • 7 Different worlds
  • Time Attack mode with 48 levels including some unique to this world.
  • 3D environments
  • Switch from 2D to 3D

About Shifting World

Formats: Nintendo 3DS

Shifting World begin when a mysterious invitation from the Duke of Shadow took you to an old house that looked abandoned. Passed the door you fell into a parallel dimension.

On a first time, helped by the Duke of shadow's butler, you get accustomed to the new 3D environment gameplay by walking through many rooms with the motivation to find the Duke of Shadow himself.

Search for keys to opened paths, avoid spikes, run, jump. And when you think that you're stuck, just shift the environment and find the solution of the puzzle! But, at the end, will you really know why you're here?

Reviews and Awards

  •, Heidi Kemps
    "Shifting World is certainly an interesting game--it's based on a solid concept and offers up some very clever puzzles. It has all the earmarks of a classic puzzler that keeps you coming back for more."

  • J.P., Corbran
    " I really enjoyed this game. I'll continue to play it, because even though I know at least a couple times an hour I'm going to want to throw my 3DS through the nearest wall, when that's not happening Shifting World is a great little puzzle platformer with a lot of interesting wrinkles."