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  • A gigantic world
  • Play hundred of epic quests
  • Manage your own economy
  • Solo and multiplayer looting
  • Face other players and your friends!

About Thormae

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ThormaŽ is waiting for you!

The fantasy universe of this 2D MMORPG will take you into an unforgettable interactive story. In addition to the hundreds of quests, learn how to manage an economy, to use magic, to defeat monsters increasingly dangerous, make critical choices that affect the story and face thousands of other players!

Whether you play alone or with a guild, you will in both cases expand and grow your reputation via a system of advanced looting. Protect your home with a guard, strengthen your walls, install a trap ... Be the strongest and get your name known by the community!

Don't wait any longer: It's FREE!

Reviews and Awards

  •, Pato
    "Thormae is an excellent medieval fantasy game"

    "With a rich background, a complete and varied gameplay and a community management well developed, it will certainly appeal to fans of RPGs and all who are willing to take part in this great adventure."

    "Don't wait a minute to discover this fantastic MMORPG in your browser, which won't stop to amaze you."