Game Porting


On top of full game development work for hire, Fishing Cactus's team is able to port any existing game to any platform we currently support (Wii, DS, DSi, X360, PS3, PSP, iPhone, Android, Kinect).

Unlike A LOT of companies which are doing straight ports, our dedicated team will tailor the game experience, tweak the controls, modify art assets and add the necessary content to fit the targeted platform and market to create the best port possible.

If you want a real dedicated team behind a quality port and not a single programmer who never made a game in his whole life, you should definitely contact us.

Playtests facilities services


Fishing Cactus is currently expanding its internal structure to provide a complete panel of countries to offer our teams and clients a worldwide feedback on the games they are developing. We currently plan to hold playtests facilities in Belgium, France, Germany, UK, US, India, China and Japan.


We provide this service to external companies and give them access to our playtest labs and experienced staff on a worldwide or local scale (several packages are available). Packages include playtest reports, target group selection, highly detailed charts and statistics, video recordings and real-time tracking through a dedicated tool and plug-in.

Game programming services


Our team is made of highly skilled software engineers who can solve any code issues you might have. Some of them have worked in very technical and hardware related fields before joining Fishing Cactus and combine both theorical knowledge and experience.


After several years in the game industry working on old and next gen platforms and strong of this technical background, Fishing Cactus's staff provides in-depth AI, code optimizations and rendering system development consulting services on next-gen platforms.


If you need code gurus to help you solve issues in your engine, then Fishing Cactus is your A-Team.